Download ShowBox APK: Install the App on Windows and Android Devices

ShowBox APK Download: Free video streaming services are certainly found in abundance but Showbox happens to be one of the most downloaded applications among the whole lot. Even we have tried out the application and have found it highly satisfying. You can not only watch movies, TV series and trailers through the app but can also download them. Today you will be getting a wide idea about the free service, and apart from that, our readers will also get an insight into the method needed to download ShowBox Apk through this write-up. But for now, scroll down to know about the features of ShowBox in a brief.

ShowBox apk Download

ShowBox Latest APK: Download the App for Android and Windows Devices for Free

ShowBox App Features: Find Out the Advantages

The below-mentioned features of the ShowBox app will certainly help you in understanding the service better. So, we would urge you to scroll down and take a look at it.

  • The amazing entertainment service is available for free due to which one certainly does not have to pay any money.
  • There are three resolution options – 360 pixels, 480 pixels, and 720 pixels, for the videos available on ShowBox. And on the other hand, the developers update the service regularly with HD videos which are definitely a plus point of the app.
  • Subtitles are certainly available for the videos which are there on the entertainment service, however, not all movies or TV shows feature subtitles.
  • ShowBox also sports a news section which will help users in keeping themselves updated with the happenings of the entertainment industry.

ShowBox Apk Free Download: Minimum System Requirements

One should definitely know about Showbox Apk system requirement if he/she has a plan of downloading the service. The free entertainment application is compatible with the Android devices which run on V4.0 and above that.

ShowBox Apk Latest Version: Important Information

Latest Version: Version 4.93

Compatibility: This particular version is suitable for the Android devices running on version 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and higher.

Date of Release: July 27th, 2017

Bug Fixes: Video playing has become smoother, and the service now comes with fewer glitches.

ShowBox Apk Version History

Version Name: Version 4.92

Bug Fixes: Problems related to occasional freezing of the app have been drastically reduced.

Version Name: Version 4.91

Bug Fixes: Problems related to the tasks located in the download section have been reduced.

Name: Version 4.90

Fixes: The free entertainment service does not crash much now.

Version Name: V4.82

Bug Fixes: The users can play the short videos at a faster speed now.

Name: Version 4.81

Fixes: Users can now search videos with a lot of ease now.

ShowBox Apk for Android: Most Convenient Method

If you are not aware of the availability of the app, then you should know that ShowBox for Android cannot be downloaded directly from Google Play Store. But there is certainly a method which used to download Showbox apk for Android and the procedure is provided below.

ShowBox for Android Smartphones

  • Head right away to the Settings of your Android device; then you would need to click on Security so that you can enable Unknown Sources. This step is highly pivotal in order to download and install Showbox.
  • Now download the link of the apk file of the entertainment service from this page.
  • Then store the application in a folder which is convenient according to you, tap on it and follow the instructions coming on your screen to install the streaming application.

You are now through as the method required to install Showbox apk has finally come to an end. So, you can enjoy exploring the service now.

Download ShowBox for Windows: Step-by-Step Guide

You will come across several emulators which are used in order to download and install Showbox for Windows PC. But today we have talked about the method which is applied for downloading the service with the help of Remix OS emulator. You can find out the process required for it below.

Install ShowBox for Windows PC

  • Straight away download the Remix OS emulator from its official website in order to download and install it.
  • Now you will have to download the latest ShowBox apk file from this page. Therefore, you do not need to worry about its availability at all.
  • Then open the folder where you had saved the apk file of the app before and drag the application to the emulator. ShowBox should now automatically open on the Remix OS emulator.

Enjoy the incredible features of the amazing entertainment app now by streaming and downloading videos of your choice.

ShowBox for Windows 10

A lot of you out there must be wondering how to download Showbox for Windows 10. You really do not have to panic about that as one can certainly go ahead with the above-mentioned procedure provided for downloading the service on Windows devices. The aforementioned process to install ShowBox for Windows is compatible with all the versions of Windows currently exist in the market.

ShowBox Alternatives: Only the Best Ones

ShowBox might be an extremely optimum application, but there are several other alternatives to the service which offers almost the same features. We can certainly say that CinemaBox is an amazing Showbox alternative as it comes with a great UI. MovieBox, on the other hand, happens to be yet another substitute of Showbox while the PlayBox HD app has also garnered great responses from users for its premium features. Therefore, you can surely go for these entertainment services.

Wrap Up

If you have followed this write-up carefully, the procedure to download Showbox apk for Android and Windows platform should not be a problem for you at all. We would also urge you to like and share this page to spread the knowledge if you have found this extremely helpful.

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