Download ShowBox App: Stream and Install Movies for Free

ShowBox App Download: Movie lovers these days often prefer to watch the movies by downloading it on their smartphones or PCs. The same goes with all those who ardently follow TV series as well. And most of these people have come across a number of such types of apps. One such is the ShowBox app, and here in the following tutorial, we have cited a few guidelines that will enable you to download ShowBox for PC or other devices.

ShowBox App Download

ShowBox App Download: Best App to Stream and Download HD Movies

ShowBox App Features: What’s So Unique?

This particular app in concern has been quite incredible, and its claim to fame can be validated if we take a look at the features. And the ShowBox app features are given as follows. Go through that, and you will surely understand that why we recommend this app ahead of all other video downloading or streaming apps.

Features of ShowBox

  • The app comes at free of cost, and this is one of the most important things that have managed to make it a popular app. One can download a video without paying even a single penny. All you need to do is download the  ShowBox app on your smartphone.
  • The users can watch movies and TV shows which they have downloaded by going offline. So you need not keep your data connection on while watching the movie.
  • The content is pretty enviable. A huge number of movies and TV series are up for grabs in the app, and you can get hold of the content you wish with a single click. In fact, you will get the options to choose from regarding the resolution of the video in which you want to download the video.
  • The user interface is quite friendly. And this is certainly one of the reasons why the users should go for the app ahead of other ones which are available in the app markets.
  • And lastly, one of the exclusive ShowBox app features which deserve special mention is the news section. This app provides you with all the latest updates regarding what is happening across the world in the field of entertainment.

ShowBox Latest APK Version: Much Needed Information

Latest ShowBox APK Download

One genuinely important feature of the ShowBox Apk, despite the fact that it is not available on the official Google Play Store, the Apk file is regularly updated. The developers of ShowBox have made it evident that they are serious about the safety and security of the users by releasing new versions of the Apk file. This means that you can download the latest Apk file from our site.

Given below are the details of the ShowBox Apk latest versions.

  • Version Name: 4.96 (106)
  • Date of Update: 11 December 2017
  • Package Size: 39.08 MB
  • Support: Android 4.0 (Minimum)/ Android 5.0 (Target OS)

What’s new?

This version (4.96) has certain distinct advantages. Some of the issues which now have been fixed are:

  • Crashing of the app has reduced significantly. The streaming is now a lot faster.
  • Earlier, some videos would initially not stream. That bug fix is also present.
  • The Apk file’s size is still at 39MB, which means that your device is bloat-free.

Download ShowBox for Android: Step Wise Guidelines

At this point, you are aware of what the ShowBox can bring to you. Surely being a movie-lover or TV series follower, you cannot resist yourself from downloading, but you are not finding a way how to get hold of it on your gadgets. Hence, scroll down, and you will surely come across the steps to download ShowBox for Android handsets.

Download ShowBox for Android Smartphones

Step 1: As you cannot get hold of the app in the Google Play Store, you need to get it from an unknown source. So go to the ‘Settings’ first. Click on ‘Security Settings’. There you can find the option ‘Unknown Sources’. Toggle it on.

Step 2: The moment you do that a new message will pop up which will warn you against the harm that the apps and files from the unknown sources might do. Click on ‘OK’ to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Now go to your browser and download the apk file from the link that we have provided here.

Step 4: Wait for the download to get over. And then click on the file which will initiate the installation of the Showbox app on your handset.

Step 5: When the installation gets over you can spot the icon of the app on the Home screen of your device. Tap on the app icon, and you will be able to get access to this incredible video downloading as well as streaming app.

ShowBox for PC Download: 3 Exclusive Methods

Now that you have got the application on your Android device, you might be tempted to get it on your Windows PC as well. In what follows you will come across three methods with which you can download ShowBox for PC.

Install ShowBox for Windows PC

Method 1: ShowBox for Windows Using Andyroid Android Emulator

In the first method, we have made use of the Andyroid Android emulator to download the ShowBox apk. Here go the steps that you need to follow.

ShowBox Download for Windows PC

Step 1: Download the Andyroid Android emulator from the official website.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and the installation will be initiated. When it gets over, you need to download the latest ShowBox apk file from the link that we have provided.

Step 3: Once the downloading is done, launch the Andy emulator.

Step 4: Now go to the downloaded file of the application and right click on it which in turn provide you with yet another pop-up. There go to ‘Open with’ where you can find the Andy Android emulator. Click on that, and the installation of the app will begin.

Step 5: Wait for the installation to get over and when it does click on the icon which has appeared on your screen.

Method 2: ShowBox on Windows Using Nox App Player

In the second method instead of the Andyroid Android emulator, we go for the Nox App Player which is also one of the most popular ones that have gained prominence in the recent times. So the steps to install ShowBox for Windows with the help of Nox App Player are provided as follows.

Download ShowBox for PC

Step 1: Download Nox App Player from its official website. Launch it on PC after installing it.

Step 2: Now download the apk file of the app from the link provided here.

Step 3: In the top of the right-hand side you can find the toolbox where you will find the ‘Add APK’ option.

Step 4: Once you click on that button another dialogue box will pop up where you can see the ‘I know’ button. Click on it, and you will be redirected where you can add the ShowBox app. On doing that, you will initiate the installation of the app.

Step 5: And finally when the app gets installed you can see a new icon of the app appearing on the screen.

Method 3: Show Box for PC Using AMIDuOS Android Emulator

Here is the third alternative as far as the Android emulator is concerned. This time it is the AMIDuOS Android emulator which we have opted for, and the steps to install ShowBox apk for Windows PC are provided as follows.

Download ShowBox for Windows

Step 1: Like on the other two occasions, you need to download AMIDuOS from its official website.

Step 2: Now download the apk file of the video downloading application from the provided link.

Step 3: Go to the downloaded file and right click on it. That will open another dialogue box where you can find ‘Apply to DuOS’. On selecting that the installation of Showbox app will be initiated.

Step 4: The process might take some time. And when it gets over you can find the icon of the app on your PC. Click on it, and you can access to the best movies and TV series which are available at this moment.

ShowBox for iOS: is There Any Method?

You are now aware of how you can download this magnificent app on your PC running the Windows operating system. But there are users who want to download ShowBox for iOS. For them, it should be mentioned that there is no way you can download this app on your iOS device. This is because the developers haven’t released any version which is compatible with the iOS-powered devices. So all you can do is look for the alternatives to ShowBox on this particular operating system.

Wrap Up

You are now aware of the processes for downloading the ShowBox app on your different platforms. The processes we have cited are pretty easy ones, and if you carry out the instructions to download ShowBox for Windows PC and Android attentively, you won’t face any problem. Yet, the chances of a problem popping up can’t be wiped out. In that case, you can leave your comments here, and we will try to come up with the best possible solution for you. Also, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references.